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Family beach sunset shoot that was pure magic! 

In the midst of a late heatwave in the UK, I met Vicky and her family for a sunset beach shoot to celebrate the continuation of one long hot summer!

Hove Beach for the perfect family sunset shoot backdrop

Hove Beach provided the perfect backdrop for an hour of fun in the setting sun and adorable 4-year-old Stella arrived raring to go! She took great delight in directing Mum and Dad all over the beach and in and out of the sea, which made for some fabulous (and hilarious!) action shots. A seaside shoot provides a myriad of scenic options and the stark contrast between the sand, surf and sky also served as an incredible setting for some dramatic black-and-white family photos, whilst the soft-focused evening light added a lovely nostalgic quality to the entire reel.  

I think the outcome is simply sublime…the location, the weather, the subjects – chef’s kiss!

Tips for a stunning sunset family photoshoot

  1. Coordinate Outfits: Plan coordinated outfits for your family that complement the beach setting. Opt for light, airy, and beach-appropriate clothing. Avoid strong patterns and colours that might distract from the natural beauty.
  2. Props and Accessories: Think about any props or accessories you want to include in the photoshoot, such as beach toys, blankets, or hats. These can add personality to the photos.
  3. Discuss Your Vision: Share your ideas, preferences, and any specific shots you have in mind. This will help ensure that we’re on the same page and that the final results align with your vision.
  4. Prepare for Weather: Beach weather can be unpredictable, so be prepared for potential changes. Bring extra layers, umbrellas, and sunscreen to stay comfortable.
  5. Timing is Key: Arrive at the location a little early to allow time for any last-minute preparations. This also ensures you make the most of the golden hour light during sunset.
  6. Relax and Have Fun: The best family photos are often those that capture genuine moments and emotions. Relax, enjoy the time with your family, and let the photographer capture the natural interactions.

Contact me for fun family photoshoots – on or off the beach!

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Alex Beaumont

Newborn & Family Photographer in Sussex

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