Family Photography in Sussex

My family photo shoots in Sussex are informal, fun, and relaxed. It is important to me that I provide that documentary approach to all my sessions. Knowing that what you see in my photos is genuine and authentic. Your family’s unique story must be told honestly, unposed and unscripted, as real-life should be. Something that we remember fondly and brings us joy every time we look at it.

Why do I need professional family photos?

Life is busy and time races on far too quickly. All of us have phones full to the brim of our kids and partners, but not often the whole family together, my family photo shoots are a perfect way to capture your loved ones and cherish those moments together forever.

Where will my family photoshoot take place?

These shoots can either be at your home or a location of your choice. We can discuss whether you want me to just capture your everyday family routine or engage in a specific activity. The beauty of having your family photo shoots in Sussex is that there are so many wonderful outdoor locations that would make a stunning backdrop. Is there a park or beach nearby that your kids love? Perhaps a family dog walk in a forest? Or maybe all of you just want to cram on the couch and snuggle up together for a Sunday film? Whatever it is, we can organise it beforehand and I’ll be there to document it as it naturally unfolds.

If you fancy a bit of pre-planned style to your session, that’s absolutely fine too! Adding little details that are special and significant only to you can have a big impact. Do your kids have a favourite toy? Ask if they want to bring it with them. Have they done a drawing in nursery that they are especially proud of? We can pin it up in the background. Or do they just want to come to the shoot dressed as Buzz Lightyear? All of this is heartily encouraged, and the same goes for the parents!

When editing your photos, I include a mix of colour and black and white, as well as a highlight video with an accompanying song of your choice. I have always found combining photography with music a wonderful pairing and something that really can put the final stamp of individuality into your family photo session. Perhaps the first dance song from your wedding? Or a tune that reminds you of a certain milestone that really encapsulates your family’s character? Get the kids involved too! Is there a song you all enjoy listening to or maybe the theme to a favourite film? Making a personalised soundtrack can really enhance the mood of the shoot and all of you will remember the fun you had that day, every time you hear it.